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Welcome to how you make your social impact mark.

It’s never been easier, and its fun! Help your neighbor today!



Are you looking to make an impact on food insecurity?

Hosting a meal packaging event with The Outreach Program will give you and your group a hands-on experience you will never forget!

How does it work?

One Way to be a part of the Change, and make an impact in your community and abroad is to host a meal packaging event. The Outreach Program has made this process so simple. Check out below.

The Outreach Program will come to your location to help you set up an assembly-line-style event. We will engage your group in the process of packaging the dry ingredients of one, or more, of our ten delicious meal varieties. An assembly line is made by placing two 8’ tables end-to-end, then placing all of the necessary ingredients, equipment, and supplies to create the line.
Then, 10-12 volunteers gather around each production line and assemble the meals in one lean-manufacturing process. While this is taking place, there is fun music playing,
a bit of friendly competition between tables, and an event goal of packaging a certain
number of meals. We bring everything needed above the table to you, including the training, you just show up with volunteers!

If you have a smaller event in mind, that works as well, we offer, Do-it-your-self(DIY) kits! These DIY events contain everything you need to hold your very own Outreach Program event and make the impact you want.

For those wanting to make a splash, and not able to gather together and hold an event, we also have machine packaged meals. The Outreach Program meal packaging machine provides high-speed filling of all products, in the most flexible machine design available on the market today.

Automation is the key, adding efficiency and reliability to the packing process. This efficiency makes machine processing perfect for the client who orders in bulk or just does not have the time to gather for an event.
The meals are packaged in an American Institute of Baking (AIB) certified facility and comply with stringent food safety protocols and guidelines. AIB was founded in 1919 and is the World’s most trusted authority on food safety.

gather a team

Gather your team, your school, church, company, civic, or volunteer group. Decide how many people you would like to engage with this hands-on project. The Outreach Program meal packaging events are open to all ages and abilities and are a great opportunity to bring different people in your community together. Choose a venue and a date for your event. The Outreach Program of California can accommodate groups of all sizes and can even assist groups with more than 250 volunteers with the right venue.

Community impact

-You Decide Where your Meals Go-

Your group gets to choose which of our high-protein meals to package. More importantly, you choose where the food will go in your community. Most times meals can all go to the largest local food bank, but you’re also able to split the finished meals between multiple feeding organizations including those internationally.

set a goal and a budget

Set a fundraising goal for the number of meals you would like to package and donate. The Outreach Program of California’s minimum for a staffed event is ten thousand meals. This size event will typically engage around thirty-five to fifty people during a 2-hour event. If you are wanting to do a smaller event, there are Do It Yourself options available. Since event costs can vary with shipping, contact us so we can help you determine a budget. To help you reach your goal, we can support your fundraising with strategies and custom marketing materials.

Event Time

Once we have the details all squared away, It’s time to hold your event.  Yes, it really is that simple!