Promise of Food

Our Meals

The Outreach Program recognizes that hunger is a worldwide problem affecting millions in the United States and abroad. The Outreach Program, in cooperation with Iowa State University Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition, formulated a healthy meal program that is nutritionally balanced to meet USDA dietary guidelines and tastes great!

Each Outreach Program Meal is fortified with 21 essential vitamins and minerals to help make the most of every bite.

The most sustainable plant-based protein on the market is utilized containing 7 to 11 grams of protein per serving.

Even though our meals don’t sit on the shelves very long, they are made to last up to two years, have a shelf-stable life of up to two years.

Pantry Packs and Machine Packaged Options

In addition to our meal packaging events, we also offer meals for purchase from our meal packaging machine which provides high-speed filling of all products, in the most flexible machine design available on the market today. Automation is the key, adding efficiency and reliability to the packing process. This efficiency makes machine processing perfect for the client who orders in bulk.
The meals are packaged in an American Institute of Baking (AIB) certified facility and comply with stringent food safety protocols and guidelines. AIB was founded
in 1919 and is the World’s most trusted authority on food safety.